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It's the morning of the big day...
And I am here at the library on the computer typing an important post to spread the word. I am also here to print a map of directions to EJ Thomas Hall so that way my uncle knows how the hell to get there. lol

IT'S PAUL SIMON DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now, I'm excited but also stunned and nervous. As I may have said before, this is how I am when I finally get super close to something I been wishing for. Today is supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life and I want to live it too the fullest.

I won't be here at the library too long though. Just long enough to do these simple tasks. I have to start heading out on my daily bike ride while it's still early. On the ride, I'll have my headphones on listening to Paul Simon the whole time. ;)


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