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My new love
Two weeks ago on Friday, I went and got that navel piercing done already.After all, I have been wanting it for so long.The pain wasn't too different from what I felt with my cartilage piercings.But there was soreness that I felt for the next three days that bothered me.But a couple of pain pills took care of that.Now, I don't have any pain.I really love the thing.I have a compulsive habit though where I'm constantly looking in a mirror checking the piercing.I love it so much and I'll be deeply upset if it ends up rejecting.It'll be a few months before I'm allowed to change the jewelry in it and I'm being patient but there are some navel rings that I have my heart set on.There's this one I seen at the mall that I adored even before I got the piercing.It's a barbell with a royal blue colored gem flower on each end.And I also love some of the navel jewelry with a little flip flop charm on it.

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