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I almost went for it today
Today, I almost went and got a navel piercing done.On Monday night, I had it planned that maybe today I should go and get that navel piercing.But then late last night I decided not to.Kind of chickened out...Now, I am wanting it again.Maybe I'll get the thing done on Friday.Or tomorrow if I can manage to find the time.Sometimes, I get a little afraid thinking of the pain but I feel more pros then cons to getting it done.You may think: what does a navel piercing have to do with hair? But I'm thinking that if I do get a navel piercing, I'll be going brunette shortly after.Not super dark, more of a light or medium golden brown.With the super blonde hair and a belly button ring, I think that it would look too much like the Brittney stereotype.I think that a navel piercing would look cuter and more tasteful on a brunette.I've already been warned to stop bleaching my hair and if a navel piercing encourages me to change colors, then I think it should be done.But I may want to be a redhead again first :)

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Re: Largest Ebook Library 4

What the hell does this have to do with my post? Um...nothing!

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