I almost went for it today
Today, I almost went and got a navel piercing done.On Monday night, I had it planned that maybe today I should go and get that navel piercing.But then late last night I decided not to.Kind of chickened out...Now, I am wanting it again.Maybe I'll get the thing done on Friday.Or tomorrow if I can manage to find the time.Sometimes, I get a little afraid thinking of the pain but I feel more pros then cons to getting it done.You may think: what does a navel piercing have to do with hair? But I'm thinking that if I do get a navel piercing, I'll be going brunette shortly after.Not super dark, more of a light or medium golden brown.With the super blonde hair and a belly button ring, I think that it would look too much like the Brittney stereotype.I think that a navel piercing would look cuter and more tasteful on a brunette.I've already been warned to stop bleaching my hair and if a navel piercing encourages me to change colors, then I think it should be done.But I may want to be a redhead again first :)

Navel piercing
I'm really thinking of getting a belly button/navel piercing.There are times when I said that I wouldn't get anything besides the ears done but I was wrong.I want a navel piercing.But I know I won't be getting any facial piercings,nipple piercings or anything like that.Not for me! At first, I wanted to get a tragus piercing (link for those who don't know what a tragus is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tragus_piercing) but I changed my mind.I have enough ear piercings for now and I would like to experience piercing something other then the ears.And I think a navel piercing would be the one to go with! I don't know yet when I'll get it.I hope that I can soon.I priced some local top rated piercing shops and the price of a navel piercing with basic jewelry is not too different from what I paid with my ear piercings.The idea excited me but I'm also quite nervous! But I since I worry about money these days, the dent in my wallet will hurt worse then the needle.But if I pass on eating out and eat cheaper priced food for the next couple weeks, this'll make up the difference.I'm into the piercings but I swear that I'm not a punk.I can't stand all punk music.The hardest music that I listen to is occasionally Aerosmith.So some of you may find it weird that a girl like me wants a piercing.With the blonde hair, a navel piercing may make me come off like the whole pop star wannabe.But this is surely not how I'm gonna be.It's not like I'll be walking around showing midriff 24/7.I mostly want a navel piercing for my own amusement and to show off when I go to swimming pools or the beach.But my friends and boyfriend would be able to see it.I don't think that I'll regret it.I wanted a navel piercing when I was 7 and I didn't even have my ears pierced then.I been thinking of this piercing on and off for the last 12 years.And at 19, I'm at an appropriate age for one.

Hair color dilemma
I'm completely undecided what to do regarding my hair color!

First off, let me say that last Saturday, Jeremiah the bullfrog blew me off.I cried a bit over the last few days but honestly, I'm not too hurt.There's someone else.

You know how celebrities get into the revenge hair thing? When things go sour with a guy, the celebrity goes and changes her hair.The thought has crossed my mind earlier in the week to go with the whole revenge hair trend and change my hair color.My first choice would've been red but I already stated before why I couldn't go straight to red.With the base color that I have, it wouldn't turn out right.Then I thought dark blonde! I didn't wanna cut any hair off of my head so I took some hair from my brush to do a test strand with the dark blonde dye that I purchased.It came out a shade bordering between dark blonde and light golden brown.I held the test strand up to my face and it didn't look bad.I like this color and I would like to one day have it but I'm not quite ready to part with the light blonde that I currently have.So, I'm deciding to stay the shade I am for a while longer.How much longer? I don't know yet.It may be six weeks, it may be six months.Don't know.And besides, my hair's condition has been doing better lately.It hasn't been breaking anymore.

When I contacted the Ion Color Brilliance hair dye company a few weeks ago about going to a medium brunette they said that when you have had light hair, it's a shock at first to go dark.Talk about it! Even a test strand of dark blonde was quite a shock to me.When I had red hair and did a test strand of bleach before going blonde, after the result I was excited to go blonde.But with this test strand of dark blonde, I want the color but not just yet.Does this make sense?

One thing that I thought about is with going dark blonde, what about my roots? I can easily color over my light blonde hair with a dark blonde dye mixed with a 10 volume peroxide developer but then what can I do when my super dark roots come in? I may have to bleach my roots first.

A few lyrics from a Paul McCartney song that I can relate to
I wish that I could do a female sang version of Sir Paul McCartney's "See your Sunshine" from his album "Memory almost full".

A few lyrics:
He makes me feel glad, I want him so bad
My heart is beating madly for him
If you ask me why, I'm not gonna lie
I'll have to say I adore him

Ooh, look what you do to me baby
You're making me feel so fine (so fine so fine)
Step out in front of me baby
They want you in the front line (so fine so fine)
They wanna see your sunshine, oh ya ya

What's with those J names
I just thought of this...What is with me and those guys with names that start with J? It seems like most of the guys I've dated or liked had a J name.Sure, I dated a Ben and that's not a J name but I've liked more J name guys then any other letter.A Jeremiah is another addition to this J name fetish that I didn't even notice until now.

Sometimes I can relate to this video
Sometimes I can relate to this video that I found on youtube.It's Art Garfunkel's song "And I know (love will find a way)" with scenes from the movie "Bad Timing" in which Artie starred in.

The link:

Just take a look at these scenes.I feel like Garfunkel after that blonde chick.But just guess who'd I'd be after if I could do a re-enactment of this video? BTW, I just LOVE this song!

Changed the cartilage piercing: good idea or bad idea?
Okay, so today when I was getting dressed and ready and putting on my jewelry (though the only jewelry I really wear these days is earrings), I got the brave idea to change the earring in my first cartilage piercing.Yesterday, it turned 10 weeks old and I was told by the person who pierced it to wait 8-12 weeks.So, it was more then 8 weeks but less then 12 weeks.It may be safe to change yet it may not be...So far, things seem to be okay.The orginal earring came out successfully.With some ear piercings, the earring goes in straight while others may go in on an angle.When putting the new earring into the hole, at first I put it in going straight through causing it to not go through and causing a little shot of pain along with it.I tried again at an angle and it went in no problem.For an earring, I wanted to make sure that I used a better quality one of that way it'd be less likely to infect.While removing the previous earring, I soaked the new one and the back in hydrogen peroxide to make sure that it was clean.And after I removed the original earring from the piercing, I took a cotton ball soaked in ear piercing antiseptic and cleaned the hole out.I wasn't going to just take the earring out and put a new one in like nothing!

I changed it to an earring like these:


These aren't the exact pair of earrings.It's an image from eBay of a pair of earrings exactly like it.But it's an earring like these that I put in my cartilage piercing.It's a diamond and emerald earring from Avon.These used to be my mom's.I like the way it looks in the cartilage piercing.Mega classy! So far,so good.The piercing seems to be adapting to the change well.

Right now, I have that earring in my first cartilage piercing.I still have the original earrings in the second cartilage piercing and fourth lobe piercing because those holes are only two weeks old.In my second hole, I have basic little emerald green stone studs.And in my first hole, the main piercings, I have the may earrings like these:


These are also Avon earrings and I have them in all 12 birthstones.I love collecting birthstone jewelry in all 12 months! I've had these earrings for a few years now.I've been buying Avon products even before I sold the stuff.

Switching haircolors: what would need to be done
I have mentioned before about how I may need to switch haircolors.I like the blonde I have now but it's beginning to get too hectic for me to keep up with.It's almost near platinum now.I do plan to touch up the re-growth (possibly this week) one last time and then after switch shades.

I was thinking of a light or medium brown.But after some research, I found out that if I just went ahead and dyed it brown it could turn out a weird color such as orange,green,grey,ETC.Asking what to do, I contacted the website for ion color brilliance hair color via email and they told me what I'll have to do.

Same with going lighter, you have to take steps with going darker as well.

First, I'll have to dye my hair a level 6 dark golden blonde.Then the next time, I can use the darker dye.

Here's a link to the ion color brilliance shades:

First, under level six, I'll have to use the dark golden blonde shade.Then I'll either use,under levels 4 or 5, the medium or light brown.I'll likely be using the neutral shade which is the first from the left.

When I dye my hair the darker blonde, I won't instantly just to the brown.I'll leave it the darker blonde for a little while because I like the way a darker blonde would look.

I think that next month, I may begin with the dark blonde. :)

Hair dye and ear piercings
Now I have some stuff to write about.This is gonna be a long entry! But aren't most of my entires long?

Since July I been bleaching my hair blonde.I was previously a redhead and naturally a brunette.My hair started off a medium golden blonde and then as the months passed and I'd keep dyeing my hair, it went to near platinum blonde! When wearing dark smokey eye makeup, some would say I looked like Taylor Momson.(yes, before I said that I didn't want Taylor Momsen blonde but I guess I changed my mind).But last week, my friend/former Avon customer said that I had breakage and to stop bleaching my hair and change the color or I'll go bald.WTF! I freaked out.I had others tell me that I won't go bald.But bleach is very damaging.I still haven't touched up my roots since my last post.I think that maybe if I just bleach and tone ONLY the re-growth, that maybe I'll be fine.This part is new hair that hasn't been processed with anything.It'd be useless to bleach the rest of my hair.And if I toned it anymore my hair would probably turn grey (like some toners do to hair if over used).So maybe I'll be safe.But the costs and maintenance of bleaching hair blonde is a pain in the ass.When not on sale, the bleach that I use is expensive.And when touching up the roots, you're going through like 2 or 3 bleachings and then a toning.By the time the weeks over, you're tired.

So I'm thinking of maybe touching up my blonde hair one more time.Then two or three months later, I'll change the color.I was thinking of a medium or light golden brown.Nothing too dark.And no black! Others look good with black hair but it don't suite me even though I'm naturally near black.I was thinking of a brown kind of like Miley Cyrus or Kate Middleton.Red is my favorite haircolor but with the shade that I am now, if I just dyed it red, it would end up orange or pink.

But I really don't find changing my haircolor just yet a good idea when I'm after some guy.I think that once we're in a relationship, it be a little easier to adapt to the change.I think that when things are just starting out, an abrupt change may be confusing to him.

Ear piercings: on Friday I did go through with the two extra ear piercings.On my left ear, I did get a fourth hole on my ear lobe and a second cartilage piercing.I ended up getting the cartilage piercing lower then the first one instead of higher which I originally had planned.I love having six piercings in one ear but right now I'm having a few troubles.On monday, my ear started swelling.The large backs on the earrings made the earrings too tight not allowing enough room on the stems.I had to change to smaller backs.While removing the backs to change them, I accidentally pulled out the earrings and had to put them back in.The next day, I was still swelling so I figured that I was infected so I removed the earrings,cleaned the holes with peroxide and decided to put the earrings back in when the swelling went down (did this when I got my third hole done the first time).But in fear that the piercings would close up, I put the earrings in a few hours later.The cartilage was a breeze to put back in but I had trouble with the ear lobe piercing.I had a hard time getting it back in!! Very hard! I almost ended up returning to the place I had it done to have it re-pierced.But I gave it one more try and the earring went back in.I have ear piercing antiseptic which I clean the piercings with but it's not strong enough to treat infection.I read on the internet about hot water and sea salt.I bought some sea salt and tried this and it seems to be clearing things up.I think that I'll be okay!

I would've been crushed if I ended up losing the piercings because I was so happy about them.I totally love having multiple ear piercings and I can't wait until I'm allowed to change the earrings on my newest piercings.I have a few hundred pairs of earrings; some big dangle ones,a variety of sizes of hoops,several different studs,threaders,ETC and I'm picturing all the differnt combinations in my head right now.It's like a toy! lol So far, I can feel free to change my first three holes and soon, I should be allowed to change the first cartilage piercing.Since the two newest piercings have pink earrings, I'll probably changed the first cartilage to a pink earring so that way I can wear pink earrings in all of my piercings.Right now, the ear has five pink stones and one aqua/blue colored one.

For now, I'll be taking a break from anymore new ear piercings.Sometime, I would like a third hole on the right ear as well (only two piercing on that ear).And the thought has crossed my mind about maybe a tragus piercing on the left ear.But I'll probably wait until at least my next birthday for that.

I couldn't resist this
This is one thing that I could not resist the temptation to buy.Well, I've already had this item before but I purchased another copy because my old one got destroyed.

Today, I went into a record store just checking to see if they ever got in a copy of Art Garfunkel's Scissors Cut (which I never found) and I ended up coming across Bon Jovi's 1,00,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong boxset on sale for $20.At first, I left the store not buying anything.

But then I returned fifteen minutes later for the boxset.I couldn't turn it away! Although I've already owned this; with my old one, one of the discs broke and I lost another one.I'll make a pledge to take way better care of this one.

I'm excited because now I can listen to that song "Crazy Love" all the time.This is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs and the disc in the old copy of that boxset which broke was the one with Crazy Love on it.

These days, I'm in more of a Bon Jovi mood then anything else.I'm pretty much loving it like the days when I first fell in love with this band.I'm falling in love with Jon and the guys all over again!


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